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Internet Predator Tracker, You can make a difference


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1)  What is IPT?

IPT stands for Internet Predator Tracker, a website dedicated to stopping Internet Predators and Pedophiles.

2)  Who is IPT?

That's me, Joe.

3)  Are you a Police Officer, or Federal Agent, FBI, SS,, Sheriff, etc?

No, not at all.

4)  Then why should I talk with you and not my local police?

I strongly encourage you to talk with your local police anytime you have a question or issue with a internet pedophile or predator.  I simply provide an information resource, software, training and over 25 years in the Intelligence Community and Computer Crime Investigations.

5)  What happens when I make a report?

Either myself or one of the Investigators that volunteers their time will look at your report, and pass it on to Law Enforcement.

6)  Will I be contacted by Police?

Depending on the evidence found, which is why I have created a number of FREE software programs for collecting evidence, your local Police department may contact you.

7)   What if I do not want to be contacted by the Police?

If that is the case, please let us know.

8)   Why should I donate?  Are you having problems with money?

ALL of the funding for this work, software development, training, and more is 100% provided by me.  I have had many people ask if they can donate to help with this cause, so I have setup a way to do that through PayPal.  Also, you don't have to donate money, it can be old computers, USB's, cell phones.  Items that can help in training others and building up the network.


More FAQ's will be added as they are needed.