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Software Available from IPT

One of the things I wanted this website dedicated to was the ability to provide software to Law Enforcement and the Public for FREE.  The software I wanted to provide was not the average "firewall" type software you can buy in a store, but software that would allow you not only a way to protect your children and others, but provide you with a way to REPORT these incidents.

Now, the first place you should ALWAYS contact is your local Police or Sheriffs department.  But just as important is collecting the evidence in a proper, safe, and secure manner.  That is what my software helps you to do!

I have two classes of software here on the website, but you must register in order to download any of the software.

PUBLIC Software

These are programs for the public to use in order to protect their children and others from pedophiles and predators on the internet.  You can click on any of the names to learn more about each of these programs.  Programs in this area are:

Internet Explorer plugin

Firefox Plugin

Outlook Plugin

Thunderbird Plugin



This is only for Law Enforcement and a select group to use.  Programs in this area are provided only to confirmed Active-Duty Law Enforcement and a select group.